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Judging by multiple photos and on-scene reporting, there was chaos on the streets of London last night as it was the first evening to see Boris’s new 10pm curfew introduced, meaning all pub-goers were simultaneously booted out onto the streets in one go. Who could have seen this one coming…

As Telly Guido pointed out last night, the curfew only encouraged groups to leave the socially distanced public tables and head for much riskier private apartment drinking sessions instead. Meanwhile the strict 10pm end to revelries meant the tube experienced its first proper rush hour since the pandemic began.

Most dystopian of all, however, were the snaps captured by user Dan Barker of “city inspectors” peering into venues and even through letterboxes to ensure compliance with the new authoritarian rules. Remember when the Tories once claimed it was socialism that “would mean inspectors all round”?

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