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Much has been made over the growing lockdown scepticism on the Tory back benches. This week, despite implementing some new measures, on balance Boris seemingly sided with the economy hawks in Cabinet over those pushing for more stringent measures. Schools remain open, businesses are not being forcibly closed, people can still meet indoors (albeit in groups of no more than six). Yet it’s not just the Tories who are pushing for a more Sweden-like approach to living with the virus in the long haul…

As John Spellar wrote in LabourList yesterday:

“Closing down societies permanently until an effective vaccine is found is not a realistic option… our real challenge may be to work out how to minimise but, realistically, not eliminate the toll of Covid-19 on our lives. We have to face up to reality by acknowledging that for some years – potentially decades – we may have to live with this enemy.”

Guido also hears the new Labour MP for Coventry North West, Taiwo Owatemi, has been privately expressing her concerns to other MPs about onerous restrictions. Despite the Government’s threats of another lockdown if rules are not followed, across the House there may not be support for that kind of measure…

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