Furious Corbyn’s Bitter Review of “Left Out”

The Morning Star’s recent Zoom conference on “Labour and the media” gave Corbyn his first opportunity to review arguably the political book of the year: Left Out. Following on from former Shadow Chancellor who denies parts of the book (that were backed up by multiple sources), Corbyn was scathing:

“… those people that are now being paid a great deal to write books analysing the past five years – what do they concentrate on? Who said what to who, who got the coffee for who, where, who paid for the hotel room for x, what happened to y. Tittle tattle, tittle tattle, tittle tattle gossip passing off as political comment, passing off as if it is a serious analysis.”

And who best to lecture on serious analysis? Guido was amazed to see earlier in his interview Corbyn suggested the leaked trade documents he revealed during the 2019 election didn’t come from the Kremlin because “I don’t speak any Russian”

Spies famously only speak one language…

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