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Seven hours after Guido debunked Repubblica’s conspiracy that Boris flew away to Perugia from 11th to 14th September, for some bizarre reason the BBC felt the need to lend weight to the conspiracy. In a badly misjudged attempt to get in on the action, the corporation sent correspondent Mark Lowen on a 230 mile round-trip from Rome to Perugia, where he confirmed what had been comprehensively debunked by multiple news outlets; that Boris did not secretly fly to the central Italian city – missing his son’s christening – only for his trip to be published in an Italian press release.

The weight of evidence against the conspiracy did not stop the BBC journo alighting on a blue tick Remainer pushing the idea that a private chartered jet from Farnborough to Italy on the 12th could have contained the PM. Lowen eventually got confirmation that its single passenger was a private citizen and not the PM. Classic BBC…

UPDATE: Lowen isn’t even the first BBC reporter to visit the airport today…

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