John McDonnell Calls Boris a “Proto-Facist” mdi-fullscreen

On the eve of Labour conference John McDonnell has used an interview with La Repubblica to accuse the PM of being a “proto-facist”, disregarding parliament and the courts:

“…someone who has a complete disregard for Parliament and we saw that when he suspended Parliament last year, but then also he is willing to have a complete disregard for the courts as well, and now this complete disregard for international law. I bet there are many of the ingredients, I think, as of Proto-Fascism”

The former Shadow Chancellor also accused Boris of ignoring democratic values. This being the same John McDonnell who spent years trying to reverse the 2016 referendum, months avoiding an election in 2019 and someone without a great relationship with Britain’s Jewish community…

McDonnell also used the interview to deny claims from the book Left Out that he and Corbyn had a massive falling out over Labour’s dealing of antisemitism accusations, to the point McDonnell refused to speak to his boss for weeks. The former Shadow Chancellor ignored interview requests from the authors, saying “why would I cooperate with the Murdoch press”. Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick Maguire claim to have four different sources backing up the claims of a massive rift – readers can make up their own minds…


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