Government Sides with Brandon Lewis: Priti was “Confused” and Lord Keen is “Hypocritical” mdi-fullscreen

The row in SW1 about which minister is right and wrong over the law-breaking of the Internal Market Bill drags on today. After Guido’s piece yesterday pointing out the interpretation rift between Ministers, government sources have become more explicit in their backing of Brandon Lewis over perceived communications hiccups by the Home Secretary and Scottish Advocate General.

A source close to Brandon tells Guido “every single word of” Lewis’s comments to the House were “agreed by all three law officers – including Lord Keen”; specifying the Bill itself doesn’t break international law however the Northern Ireland clauses would if enacted. The new line is that Priti was “confused” on her media round yesterday morning…

Asked for an explanation of Lord Keen, the Scottish Advocate General’s, denial that the bill breaks international law in front of the Lords’ EU Committee yesterday, a government source angrily said the committee appearance showed “hypocrisy from Lord Keen, who agreed to every single word of the government’s legal statement published last week by the Attorney General”. The government claims had Brandon Lewis said anything else in the Commons, he would have been accused of lying to the house. The new question therefore is will Lord Keen have to return to the Lords to correct the record? 

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