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Guido understands that liberty-limiting measures are necessary during a once-in-a-century pandemic. Even Sweden implemented social distancing measures, banned large gatherings, restricted care home visits, implemented table-only service in bars and restaurants, and recommended working from home and avoiding public transport. Guido did not oppose the lockdown, thinks masks are tolerable in the circumstances, and tries to stick by the often illogical rule of six, even when down the pub…

If this afternoon’s splash from the Evening Standard is true, it is a step too far. The London director of Public Health England (yes, the organisation is still limping on for now, despite the Health Secretary announcing its abolition back in August) has issued a “curfew alert” to the capital through the newspaper, saying residents could face a mandatory curfew if Covid cases continue to rise. A ridiculous suggestion that should be forcefully opposed.

Shutting pubs, bars, restaurants, and just about everything else at an arbitrary hour will obviously do nothing to stop the spread of coronavirus. If anything, the move will be counter-productive – compressing the same number of customers into a shorter time and making social distancing harder still. Or pushing social gatherings into homes not bars, which are thought to be more likely to spread the virus. This no doubt ineffective PHE nannying should have been dumped when the organisation was. The government need to remember there is a limit to people’s compliance. This might just hit it.

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