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Extinction Rebellion spokesman (and former civil service lawyer) Tim Crosland made a batty debut on Radio 4 this morning, claiming that there can be no disagreement with Extinction Rebellion, despite environmental campaigners disagreeing with their loopy plans. Guido hopes Crosland wasn’t this unhinged when he worked in the civil service…

It is well worth listening to the extraordinary interview:

“There is no room for disagreement that urgent and radical action is being taken and the government is failing to do that and the Murdoch press is making that failure possible and facilitating it. There is no room for disagreement about that”

In the interview, Crosland defended shutting down his opponents by declaring that “the climate and environmental emergency is not a matter of opinion it is a matter of scientific fact”. When challenged on the specific demands, such as the utterly fringe view not backed by anyone sensible that the UK should go carbon neutral in just four years time, Crosland doubled down again. Deploying the tactic that all extremist environmental protesters use, to argue that if you disagree with any element of their revolutionary agenda you are somehow a ‘climate denier’…

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