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Guido’s Tufton Street friends are preparing to bunker down this evening as Extinction Rebellion are set to march on the fabled No. 10 string-pullers. At 6 pm a sub-group of the eco-terrorist group called “Writers Rebel” will target 55 Tufton Street, the “home of climate denying think tanks”, with speeches from Sir Mark Rylance and Zadie Smith alongside George Monbiot and Caroline Lucas. Who has apparently recovered from her worrying Covid-spreading coughing fit, without self isolating…

A founding member of ‘Writers Rebel’, Jessica Townsend, writing for the XR blog claims think tanks and organisations in Tufton Street “are actively working to keep the status quo”, and as such they are committing a crime against “humanity, against me, my friends, my children and my grandchildren” as well as everything she loves, listing;

“democracy, civilisation, kindness, as well as ash trees, whales, rose bay willow herb, mountains, rivers, beaches, blue tits and woodpeckers. It is even a crime against life itself: against lemon drizzle cake, hot buttered toast, mushroom risotto, burgundy wine, fantastic sex, great vintage clothes, poetry, Maya Angelou, Tolstoy, my first kiss, Bladerunner, Fleabag, Faulty Towers, dancing with people you love, roasted marshmallows under a starry sky and laughing till you wet yourself.”

The right to wet oneself is close to the heart of many leading Extinction Rebellion lights…

The protest, promoted by a video from Stephen Fry, promises that following the speeches members will “risk arrest with an act of civil disobedience”. Guido may even pop along to watch the spectacle…

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