Tory MP Invites Neil ‘Fat Old Racists’ Coyle to Meet Brexit-Voting Miners mdi-fullscreen

Labour MP Neil Coyle may have been hoping the storm created by his ‘late-night’ Twitter rant against “fat old racists” Brexiteers might die down after he deleted them the next morning. Blue wall Tory MP Lee Anderson is not taking the insults lying down, however, having now publically invited the Bermondsey MP up north to meet face-to-face with Brexit voting ex-miners he insulted. For good measure, Coyle also described Mogg and others as “Absolute sh*tbag racist w*nkers.”*

Anderson described Coyle’s rant as “outrageous and disgusting” and informed constituents he has invited him up:

“I am inviting you to Ashfield to a local working men’s club where I will introduce you to a group of ex-miners, many of whom I worked with down the pit, who were all lifetime labour voters prior to the 2019 General Election – this will provide you with the opportunity to explain to them how you’re going to win them back.

I cannot guarantee that you will be able to change their minds.”
Guido imagines any trip Neil makes to the former red wall will only entrench Lee’s majority…
*Don’t forget it is #PositiveTwitterDay on Friday Neil.
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