Labour Calls for School Facemask Usage Two Hours After Government Signs Off School Facemask U-Turn mdi-fullscreen

Ever with their finger on the pulse, the press has just received an email from Labour’s press office calling for the use of facemasks in secondary schools – almost two hours after TES revealed that both Public Health England and the Department for Education have already signed off a new policy making face masks “near mandatory” in communal areas. The government’s u-turns are now coming at such lightning speeds Labour are struggling to keep up…

Commenting on the government’s latest always-inevitable u-turn, Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the NEU, said:

“What would be nice, though, is if on major changes like this we didn’t first of all have denial and then a U-turn from the Department for Education, which creates needless uncertainty and further reinforces the impression that they are all over the place.”

From the other side of the political aisle, headmistress Katharine Birbalsingh Tweeted “If the Tories do this, they are utterly spineless and care only about LOOKING like they are doing something. Where is the leadership?! Where is the backbone?!”. After the divisions of Brexit the government is succeeding in uniting the country – against them…

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