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A survey of LabourList readers has found that most believe a Tory government is most likely following the next election. Excluding don’t knows, a full 55% of those keen enough on the Labour Party to read the insider website expect the Tories to cling onto power after the next election in some form or another. The most popular response was Tory majority…

  1. Tory majority – 26.7% (1,922)
  2. Don’t know – 21.8% (1,568)
  3. Labour-led coalition – 14.9% (1,075)
  4. Tory minority government – 12.3% (883)
  5. Labour minority government – 11.7% (845)
  6. Labour majority – 8.4% (605)
  7. Tory-led coalition – 4.2% (299)

The survey also found that LabourList readers believe the Metropolitan Police is institutionally racist, and supports Labour maintaining most of the 2019 manifesto’s radical policies. See the full results here

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