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Jeremy Corbyn’s legal fund has swelled to £330,000. This week the organisers clearly spotted an opportunity to cash in on defending Jeremy Corbyn’s undermining of the BBC Panorama investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party. A spin-off website called ‘Truth Defence’ has been created, asking for yet more money. Socialists can be so capitalistic…

Writing an update on the GoFundMe page, its founder Carole Morgan insisted that – despite a new flashy website for ‘Truth Defence’ – “in the meantime, all funds raised by us to support Jeremy in a potential legal defence will be held in trust for that purpose”. The organisation lists its objectives as:

“to counter the spread of disinformation (loosely defined as politically-motivated falsehoods) both online and in traditional media; to expose and resist suppression of information in the public interest; and to confront the (mis)use of civil litigation for political or ideological purposes.”

Sounds to Guido like this will be a rival for Chris Williamson’s ‘fighting fund‘ for those accused of antisemisitsm. In fact, all five board members of the new organisation are linked to the notorious ‘Jewish Voice for Labour‘ group, who have been behind numerous attempts to downplay and deny the extent of antisemitism in the party. Nice.

Read the ‘Jeremy’s Legal Fund’ update in full here…

Hello everyone,

How amazing are we!

I want to share with you my thoughts on what this fund represents to me, and also to update you on developments.

I have always felt that Jeremy spoke from his heart, and we listened with ours and heard the call. I firmly believe there are really only two roads to choose in this life, one is of love, the other of fear. Through this fund we have not only made our voices heard but we have also declared our united hope and belief that a better world is possible.

I wanted to find a way that we could maintain our connection to one another moving forward into the future. To that aim, I have been in touch with the organisers of an initiative called Truth Defence which started around the same time as the crowdfund, and clearly shares our aims and hopes for a better world: . It is dedicated to promoting a culture of honesty and integrity in politics and public life, which is exactly the principles that Jeremy stands for. Please join as a registered supporter under this link or send an email to if you want to sign up to be part of our network for free.

In the meantime, all funds raised by us to support Jeremy in a potential legal defence will be held in trust for that purpose, and details of that will be announced soon.

We really have created something truly amazing and we can go forward knowing that what we stand for is a force to be reckoned with.

With love to you all,


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