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100 days into Sir Keir’s leadership of the Labour Party, and the Leader of the Opposition’s personal poll ratings are undeniably strong, leading Boris’s personal ratings on competence, decisiveness, trustworthiness and strength. Lagging on likeability though…

This begs the question, why does the Labour Party remain so far behind the Tories’ poll vote share – by 10% according to the latest poll. YouGov figures show the Labour party’s brand as a whole is undermining Starmer’s personal approval; while the public say Sir Keir does look like a PM in waiting (38%:34%), the Labour party really do not (23%:54%).

Starmer is also – unsurprisingly given his policies haven’t yet shown any divergence from Corbyn’s leadership – failing to gain the public’s trust on the economy, with Labour still coming third to ‘don’t know’ when the public are asked which government would be better at managing the economy.

In the current circumstances it is noteable that the governing party is polling 3 points higher than it did on the day they won the general election. While the public may compare Starmer’s leadership style to that of Tony Blair’s, unless he radically changes Labour’s economic offering, his election performance may not differ much from Corbyn’s…

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