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The Conservative Policy Forum – which describes itself as the party’s think tank that bridges the gap between members and ministers, and is based in CCHQ – yesterday sent a “snap poll” to members that has set off alarm bells. The party’s think tank seems very interested in tax hikes all of a sudden…

The survey begins by asking members views on wealth taxes vs income taxes, and goes on to ask how supportive members would be about:

  • tax on individuals’ net worth over £750,000, excluding any personal pension savings and their main home
  • new/higher taxes on increases in asset values (capital gains)
  • new/higher taxes on rent from property
  • new/higher taxes on property sales
  • new/higher taxes on dividends
  • new/higher taxes on pensions
  • new/higher taxes on inheritance
  • new/higher taxes on gifts

Worrying, members were not given the option to suggest tax cuts…

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