BBC’s Most Absurd Waste of Public Cash

With news of hundreds of job cuts at the BBC coming out, staff are understandably worried. Guido’s repeatedly pointed out job cuts could be avoided if the BBC wasn’t spending £100 million over the next three years on a diversity and inclusivity programme. Of course corporate waste doesn’t end there; one disgruntled employee gets in touch to point out one of the BBC’s most absurd wastes of money hiding in plain sight: their practice of hiring 8 different people to do the exact same job.

BBC One and Two hire four different voice-over announcers each – one for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland- to introduce upcoming programmes, all of whom read from the exact same script at the exact same time from early morning until late evening. The only difference is the accent. They could hire one person who can do accents – instead they’re targeting important local services...

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