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Yesterday’s announcement by Boris declaring a partial unlocking for England on July 4, was met with overwhelming support from the public, a snap YouGov poll showing the plans have 64% public support versus 29% opposition. The left upon hearing the good news launched an internal debate over whether to boycott Wetherspoons upon its re-opening. Complete with #Neverspoons hashtag.

Hundreds of lefties on Twitter called on people to boycott the change in favour of pubs that “aren’t run by a far-right lunatic”. Tim Martin and 52% of the public only seem far to your right if you are on the far-left…

The boycott-happy left missed one crucial endorsement, however – actual Wetherspoon employees. The official “SpoonStrike” accountamplified by Owen Jones – asked their 5,000 followers not to boycott the chain, as it will result in “hours cuts and loss of earnings”.

Not good enough reasons for the righteous left, who are now accusing Spoons employees and Owen Jones of “Stockholm syndrome”, saying they refuse to give Tim Martin their money and comparing it to “like don’t boycott South Africa during apartheid because the poor will suffer most.” Quite. Sorry Wetherspoons workers, for the wokerati ideological purity will always come before your livelihoods…

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