Bernard Jenkin Kindly Offers to Lead Coronavirus Inquiry

Bernard Jenkin has this morning suggested an inquiry into the first phase of Coronavirus response could be vital for learning lessons before a potential second peak in the winter. Speaking to PoliticsLive today, Jenkin suggested a new inquiry could be run by Parliament rather than externally, like the Banking Standards Commission which was chaired by Andrew Tyrie. Jenkin further floated this new high profile inquiry it could be run by the Liaison Committee. Which he just so happens to chair….

UPDATE: Think Bernard’s serious, not just bloviating on air, he’s issued a statement:

“It is essential that the UK is prepared for a second wave of coronavirus later this year. We do not want another Chilcot-type inquiry at this stage, but medics are right to call for a swift cross-party ‘lessons learned’ exercise to be completed by October.  This would not only contribute to UK’s readiness for a new Covid peak but would also strengthen public confidence in the government’s readiness.

“It should be led by Parliament and commissioned as soon as possible by the government.  The Commons Liaison Committee could be a vehicle for this, or the government could ask Parliament to follow the model of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, which was set up after the banking crash and which will still be able to draw on cross-party expertise from Lords and Commons. It is vital that we work together and make the most of the opportunity to learn from recent experience, before a possible new wave of Covid.”

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