Left Chanting Hate Towards Munira Mirza for Wrongthink

On Saturday another Black Lives Matter protest took place and it revealed the left has found a new hate target. Downing Street’s policy adviser, Munira Mirza, who as the speaker at the Hyde Park rally identified “does not believe what we believe in…”. Mirza is a former City Hall adviser on culture to Boris when he was mayor and a firm opponent of woke thinking and ‘grievance culture’.

At City Hall she ended Ken Livingstone’s cultural events where people were hectored about why racism was bad and accosted by activists explaining why Fidel Castro was a hero. She ended “anti-racist fireworks” on New Year’s Eve, just trusting people to have fun and not be instructed by activists about the dangers of racism. All evidence of her wrongthink crimes.

The virulence of the left’s onslaught against Mirza is because they recognise that she possesses a coherent ideological alternative to their decades-long weaponisation of racism for class war purposes. She has a history of challenging the ideological dominance of identity politics, championing an alternative universalist approach rejecting the imposition of formal ethnic categories. She advocates dismantling the countless diversity policies that encourage people to see everything through the damaging prism of racial difference.

Munira does not believe in appeasing the left-wing grievance culture and she is exactly the right person to shape a commission to make real progress on race issues rather than stoking division. Overturning decades of manipulation of anti-racist sympathy towards left-wing solutions will cause an epic backlash. Munira does not believe what they believe and nor does anyone who wants to see real economic and social progress for all minorities.

Video source: LBC/Twitter.

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