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A new poll from Ipsos MORI today shows the remarkable progress made in Britain on the issue of race relations over the last decade-or-so. Unlike what the left would have you believe…

Since 2006, the number of people who say to be “truly British you have to be White” now stands at only 3%, with the number of Brits strongly disagreeing rocketing from 55% to 84%.

Similarly, the number of people who think it’s unlikely we’ll have an ethnic minority PM in the next 10-20 years has halved, from 42% in 2009 to 21% today. 37% say it’s very likely – an increase of 16%…

These figures are also played out in the lived experiences of minorities in Britain, with 44% of ethnic minority poll respondents saying racial tolerance is better than it was a decade ago, almost double the number who said things have got worse. Whilst there’s more progress to be made, things are unlikely to improve further without acknowledging what already has been achieved

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