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While the left are busy trying to tear down statues of Britain’s history, their opposition to oppressive statues is very newly-found. In 2017, Manchester Council permitted artist Phil Collins to erect a statue of Engles that had been torn down and dismantled by Ukrainians after their liberation from decades of communist-oppression and genocide. To the outcry of Mancunian Ukrainians at the time…

Perhaps given the current climate, lefty activists will now reconsider the offensive statue. Today a new website has been launched by the ‘Stop Trump Coalition Project’ mapping ‘offensive’ statues of slave-owners and colonialists that must be torn down “so that Britain can finally face the truth about its past”. 

Overlooking the absurd starting premise, the map is already looking tenuous at best, with inclusions of:

  • A statue of Robert Milligan, who must be torn down due to being a leading figure in the building of the East London Docks, which were then, in turn, used to trade slave-harvested goods
  • Statues of Francis Drake, Horatio Nelson, and King James II
  • A whole primary school named after William Beckford
  • A statue of Francis Galton where the activists move on from concerns over slavery to include those who wrote about eugenics
  • A Lord Kitchener statue due to his role in the Boer Wars
  • Earl Grey’s Monument in Newcastle, who as PM abolished slavery in the entire British Empire. Not good enough, he compensated slave owners so the monument must be destroyed.

If you believe statues of Engels, Marx and other oppressive left-wing figures should be added to the list for the sake of consistency, you can submit them here – though don’t get your hopes up…

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