“Cummings Goes or I Go” Doctor Not Gone

Dominic Pimenta is a regular commentator-doctor on the telly, from Sky, to Good Morning Britain, to Channel 4, and of course the BBC. Last week he cruised across the airwaves with the audacious claim that if Dominic Cummings didn’t resign, he would. Guido was not surprised that Pimenta, a Labour Party member and canvasser who regularly shares NHS conspiracy theories, was putting his media career ahead of his patients…

A week on from making his threat Pimenta is yet to follow through on it. He does have previous for threatening walk outs, he previously threatened to quit the Labour Party during the 2016 moderates’ ‘coup’, telling the Guardian “Labour has rediscovered its soul under Jeremy Corbyn. If he goes, so do I”. Dr. Pimenta clearly has difficulty keeping his promises, just like most politicians…

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