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It’s been a little over a month since the Welsh Government sent tranches of self-isolation letters to the wrong households, giving people incorrect advice and potentially failing to reach out to those who are genuinely vulnerable. Now it’s happened all over again…

A Swansea mother received a letter last week from the Welsh Government advising her to go into self isolation, despite having no serious health conditions. This was a month after it apologies for having sent out letters to the wrong households. Plaid Cymru’s Dai Lloyd, chairman of the Welsh Assembly’s health committee, told WalesOnline:

β€œIt is ridiculous that this error has happened again – only a month after the last error. The Labour Government in Wales needs to sort it out. You would have expected the system errors from last time to have been identified, and rectified.”

After last week’s twin cock ups, Wales is putting in a good showing for worst crisis handling in the UK…

This is not good news for Sir Keir Starmer, who just yesterday was at pains to stress how in line he is with the Welsh First Minister, saying the “perception that the leader of the Labour party and Welsh Labour are in two different places, is not right, and that’s my job to make sure people realise we’re all on the same page, all working together”. Awkward.

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