Global Coronavirus Slogans Compared

With continued bickering at home over the government’s new Coronavirus slogan, Guido thought it’d be worth taking a tour of the world to see how Britain’s new ‘stay alert’ slogan compares. If you have more accurate translations for some of these than Google Translate, do get in touch…

England: Stay alert – Control the virus – Save lives

France: Save lives – Remain prudent

Germany: Generate evidence – Share knowledge – Protect and improve health

Spain: We stop this virus together

China: Confidence consolidation – Mutual assistance – Scientific prevention – Precise policy implementation

India: We can stop Corona

Italy: Together, without fear

Japan: Stay home

Australia: Help stop the spread and stay healthy

New Zealand: Stay home – Break the chain of transmission – Save lives

New York: Stay home. Stop the spread.

Many countries, such as Canada and the US, haven’t bothered with official slogans at all. Guido can say with certainty that no other country on earth has devoted as much time and energy to talking about slogans as here in Britain…

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