Piers Morgan Shares Covid Water Supply Fake News

This afternoon Piers Morgan shared an erroneous claim from ‘Water UK’ that the Prime Minister had “mistakenly referred to COVID-19 being in the #water supply.” The tweet, which has been doing the rounds on the loopier sides of the internet, said that “tap water remains perfectly safe”, as if the PM had suggested anything different was currently the case. Piers went as far as to call it “a very stupid mistake”. In fact the Boris quote from yesterday afternoon that is being referred to claimed nothing of the sort…

“For instance if COVID is detected in the water supply of a certain town, or in a school in an area, then steps can be taken on the spot to deal with that flare up. Measures can be taken to keep the R down locally as well as nationally.”

Actually watching the video it is clear to see that Boris was referring to the testing the waste water supply in the sewers for the virus, which is a way of measuring the prevalence in a community. He described a hypothetical scenario about what would be done if it was detected. Perhaps not a wise example to pick during a pandemic, although certainly not claiming what partisan hacks are trying to paint it as. The easily discoverable truth is obviously of secondary importance to the story and the current irresponsible media “confusion” meme…

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