Why Macron’s Virus Recovery Slogan is Uncontroversial mdi-fullscreen

Over in France they too are having a phased easing of lockdown. Macron’s slogan can be translated as “Save Lives, Remain Prudent”.

In tone barely distinguishable from “Save Lives, Stay Alert”, yet the slogan is entirely uncontroversial in Parisian media circles. The key difference is Macron does not face a Brexit-deranged media class who see it as their job to usurp the official opposition party. Our impartial broadcasters now prefer to spend their time “holding the government to account” rather than reporting on the government. Guido could not name even a handful of broadcasters with Brexit sympathies.

So it is relevant to note that according to a YouGov snap poll, 76% of Remainers think only the old “Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives” slogan makes it clear what they are supposed to do. The same poll finds that 41% of Leavers think both the old and the new slogans are clear, Tory supporters are three times as likely Labour supporters to agree. The reality is that now the pandemic’s peak has passed, normal politics has resumed. The ability to comprehend government slogans seems to be negatively-correlated with sympathy for the government’s objectives…

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