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Last night British politics got the lockdown scoop we’d all been hoping for, when the Telegraph revealed top government Coronavirus advisor Neil Ferguson had resigned after breaking the lockdown rules to secretly meet up with his married lover. The reaction ranged from outrage at his hypocrisy to surprise mutterings of the phrase ‘out of his league’…

The Telegraph exposé included details of Ferguson’s lover, Antonia Staats, who they described as a “left-wing campaigner”. In her role as ‘Senior Campaigner‘ at Avaaz, her two big pieces of work were on bee pesticides as well as a European Commission paper into Avian Flu. Her now-deleted Facebook profile was full of ardent pro-EU activism. It looks like she was a passionate campaigner for freedom of movement, with a special expertise in the birds and the bees…

Guido has now unearthed a podcast interview from the 31st March, in which Mrs Staats bemoans the lockdown due to the strain it was putting on her marriage to husband Chris, from having to “spend a lot more time and quite different time with each other all of a sudden”

Who can blame a boffin for wanting to spend time massaging their Staats…

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