PPE Exchange Shows Availability of Masks & Gowns is Over 200% of Demand mdi-fullscreen

Following on from yesterday’s good news on testing ramping up now the private sector has been brought in, here is another innovation by the private sector to match buyers and sellers of PPE supplies in a market place. PPEexchange.co.uk was created in 7 days – as a free site to get PPE buyers and sellers in touch with each other and get supplies to the care providers. The software developers did the work for nothing and have the support of both the CBI and GBM union. PPEexchange has been designed, built and developed by and will be supported by PPEx Limited and Shoothill on a pro bono basis. Aimed at the social care sector it is open to users from all sectors as a free resource for their benefit and the good of the wider community.

With time being of the essence now and for the foreseeable future if shortages and bottlenecks can be eliminated, new alternative suppliers sourced and connections made it will in the end save lives. Once again proving that free markets can do what the centralised planners can’t, match supply and demand efficiently, driving down costs and optimising supply chains…

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