Top German Virologist Cites Lack of Market Forces in UK Healthcare for Sluggish Response mdi-fullscreen

In a comprehensive interview with “Germany’s leading coronavirus expert” Christian Drosten – one of the scientists who first identified the SARS virus in 2003 – The Guardian asked about how the UK was doing in comparison to Germany:

Q: From where you stand, how is the UK handling the situation?

A: It’s clear that testing was implemented a little bit too late in the UK. Public Health England was in a position to diagnose the disease very early on – we worked with them to make the diagnostic test – but rollout in Germany was driven in part by market forces, which made it fast, and that wasn’t the case in the UK. Now, though, I have the impression that the UK is really gaining momentum in this regard, and that it is coordinating testing efforts better than Germany.

Probably not the answer Guardianistas wanted to hear from their expert…

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