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Quarantine is forcing many to make radical haircut decisions. Some are showing roots, others shaving the whole lot off, and many are simply growing theirs beyond the realms of respectability. Guido thought the 2019 election saw off 1970s models?..

For one MP, however, nothing has changed as Mansfield MP and former Parliamentary Beard of the Year contender Ben Bradley tells Guido he has been happily cutting his own hair for a decade. Ben shares his top trimming tips with Guido readers this afternoon…

  1. Get the proper gear. Don’t try to half arse it with your kitchen scissors or you’ll make a mess. Decent set of clippers and scissors is a must.
  2. Back and sides first like the barbers, and if you’re delicate enough like me (and with a bit of practice) you can get the fade up the sides rather than looking like you’ve intentionally added stripes.
  3. If you’ve got thick hair like me, invest in some thinning scissors and then you’ll never need a barber again. Stops it looking like a bird has nested on top.
  4. Have low expectations. The first time you do it, it will be crap, so you may as well have a go now whilst nobody can see it! You WILL at some point find the attachment falls off the clippers and you shave a big bald patch. Don’t fight it, it’s inevitable. I had actually had that self-made bald patch the first time I met my Mrs, and she still married me in the end, so it’s fine.

Happy trimming…

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