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Kate Sheehan, a local Labour Party Vice Chair whose viral tweet attacking the Government over a lack of Personal Protective Equipment was very widely reported, appears to have given PPE equipment away the day before she complained. Her tweet and Twitter account was soon after deleted, although the reports of her tweet remain online. Attacking Health Secretary Matt Hancock, she tweeted…

“Dear Matt Hancock – this is my daughter – who I put to bed tonight sobbing and begging me not work in A&E – her words broke me, ‘Mummy I’m only 8 and I need you – I don’t want you to die.’ #PPEnow #gowns #COVID19”

This was then plastered across media by outlets which neither disclosed her formal position in the Labour Party, nor the fact that the day before her viral and much reported tweet about PPE, she was thanked for “donating mask, visors and aprons” to local volunteers, while containers full of more equipment had arrived at her hospital. The same PPE equipment her politically charged tweet complained was missing…

Sheehan, whose Twitter account proudly declared herself as co-vice chair membership of her Constituency Labour Party, appears in multiple selfies with Labour’s top brass from Jeremy Corbyn to John McDonnell, celebrated assaulting politicians with milkshakes, and also appeared to delight in Boris Johnson’s admission to an Intensive Care Unit. Charming.

It is becoming obvious that a small network of politically motivated NHS workers are making manipulatively emotive claims exploiting the genuine esteem in which NHS staff are held. Kate Sheehan is yet another left-wing activist plastered all over the media who has been found out.

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