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A month ago Guido reported that new Red Wall Tory MP Marco Longhi offered ministers a novel suggestion in a Tory MPs WhatsApp chat. At the time, Guido may have hinted in a mocking tone that he thought the suggestion “air-brained. Guido now sees how wrong he was…

Once blinded by cynicism, Guido now sees Longhi for the visionary he clearly is – as a group of medical, technology and aviation experts calling themselves Caircraft have taken up his suggestion that we could create thousands of intensive care beds in aeroplanes. Over the weekend The Times  echoed the words of Longhi, who touted the “drop down oxygen masks” of grounded aircraft, saying “The jets have oxygen delivery systems, can be hermetically sealed and have laminar airflow systems similar to operating theatres to restrict the spread of germs.” Mea culpa!

Longhi’s idea, however may not be needed after all, as cases are staying well within NHS capacity. The Health Service Journal reported today, just nineteen patients so far were being treated at NHS Nightingale London over the weekend, out of its 4,000 bed capacity. Some good news in all of this…

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