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Jeremy Corbyn was only out of the Labour Party leader job one day before he returned to the nutty conspiracist fringes of online socialism. Last night, his official Twitter account retweeted a post by a notorious hard left activist who goes by the name of WarmongerHodges. The tweet read:

“There’s no person I’d rather be PM during a global pandemic than Jeremy Corbyn. His entire life has been dedicated to helping people in need. Just like the NHS. Instead, we’ve got a Bullingdon PM who used to burn £50 notes in front of homeless people for a laugh.”

The anonymous account then deleted the tweet, meaning it disappeared from Corbyn’s timeline too. Whilst the former Labour leader has not commented on the incident, the account he retweeted subsequently said Corbyn “probably” didn’t read the tweet. Riight…

‘WarmongerHodges’ is a particularly unpleasant type of anonymous left wing account, which regularly attacks the Jewish voices in the Labour party for trying to deal with antisemitism.

Guido is hardly surprised that this is the kind of stuff Corbyn engages with on a Sunday evening…

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