Now is the Time to Support UK Businesses – Here is How

How differently the world looks from just a few days ago! As we all cope with the current realities of everyday life there is one thing that all of us can do that will help – shop local, shop UK, with YouK.

Our society depends on farms, manufacturers, fishing boats, and UK businesses big and small. Without them there are no jobs, no income, no money for schools and hospitals.

Now is the time to support them all. Our free web app, YouK, can help – it’s a world first – covering the entire consumer economy.

YouK has all the UK options, national and local, for any consumer product.

Search, zoom local maps, browse all brands, see promotions, find special brand features such as organic, and more. Everything is made, produced or designed in the UK.

Home deliveries of household essentials from small companies will help support them, take some pressure off supermarkets, and support delivery workers. Breakfast cereal, soap, tea, shampoo, jam, wine, hand cream, meat, cleaning products, face moisturisers, there are UK companies covering all of these everywhere.

In another example, pubs are closed – so let’s keep the brewing industry going so that things can start up quickly again. YouK has over 700 brewing companies across the UK, so most people will have many local options.

We are powerful together – help UK business, keep our jobs, and let’s get through this.

Go to to find thousands of UK businesses to support.

Derek Poots is the founder of Edinburgh based, a web app with a modern take on Buy British, providing a window to the whole UK consumer economy. YouK constantly updates brand information.

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