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YouGov has released an international COVID-19 tracker, comparing how attitudes towards the disease compare from country to country. Their first question, ‘how scared are you of contracting Coronavirus?’, sees Scandinavian countries proving as chilled and laid back as national stereotypes would suggest, and the UK taking over a fortnight-worth of pandemic to achieve 38% fear. The still-thriving pubs and restaurants of London were an indicator…

It does seem Boris’s handwashing campaign has worked, however, with the number of Britons improving their personal hygiene rising from 35% to 61% in the space of 12 days, leaving the US languishing at the bottom on 42%.

Other areas the UK comes bottom globally include:

  • Avoiding physical contact with tourists (12%)
  • Refraining from touching objects in public (30%)
  • Support for quarantining of all inbound international flights from countries with confirmed cases of Coronavirus (41%)
  • Support for quarantining all Chinese travellers currently in the country (19%)
  • Support for quarantining any location in the country that a contaminated patient has been in (18%)
  • Providing free masks for all people in the country (16%)

Did Boris’s behavioural scientists underestimate Britain’s unwillingness to let Coronavirus get in the way of our daily lives?

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