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Professor John Ashton used his prime slot on last night’s Question Time to repeatedly slam the Government’s four-stage coronavirus response policy. Fair enough. He was introduced as a “former regional director of Public Health England for the North West”. What viewers were not told, however, is that two years ago the Professor described himself as a:

“broad left , radical,non trot , baby boomer , green, gender inclusive , feminist labour .Party member for 53 years”

Ashton seems very angry with the Government for a whole host of reasons beyond Coronavirus, not least of all Brexit:

  • The day after the result of the referendum was announced, Ashton tweeted “What an embarrassing dirty little country we live in.”
  • He claimed that “after Brexit, the U.K. could disintegrate”.
  • Ashton is also a long-standing supporter of Labour’s radical four-day week policy, which would cripple the NHS.
  • He also had to take a leave of absence after attacking e-Cigarette advocates as “onanists” and “c**ts” on Twitter.

Ashton is so partisan to his core that he even called his son “Fabian Che”, or Che for short, after the Fabian Society and Che Guevara. A little more context from the programme last night would have been illuminating…

UPDATE: And now Professor Ashton has been on Sky News with no nod to his politics…

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