Prince Harry Tells Russian Pranksters Trump has “Blood on his Hands” & Boris is a “Good Man”

Back in December Prince Harry thought he was spilling his heart out to Greta Thunberg. Unfortunately for the soon-departing royal, he was being led on by a couple of notorious Russian pranksters. Previously linked to the Kremlin…

During the phone call (co-conspirators can listen by pressing play above), Harry tells ‘Greta’ that Donald Trump has blood on his hands, due to his “pushing the coal industry“. The Sun also reports of another prank call with the prince (which the duo Vovan and Lexus do not appear to have uploaded) in which Prince Harry:

  • Describes Boris as “a good man”
  • Said Megxit is not the easy decision “but it was the right decision for our family, the right decision to be able to protect my son.”
  • Said the Prince Andrew scandal “is completely separate from me and my wife.”
  • Defended his private jet hypocrisy by saying “Unfortunately there is very few alternatives”

Don’t be surprised if woke Harry starts offering opinions like this more candidly after Megxit…

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