Conservative Activists Don’t Believe There’s a Climate Emergency mdi-fullscreen

ConservativeHome’s regular survey of activists asked them what they thought about the so-called “climate emergency“. By a margin of more than 2-to-1 (of those who expressed a preference) they said there is no climate emergency. The astonishing thing is that a third of Conservative activists have fallen for the hype…

The media-generated hyper-reality that we are experiencing resembles the period when fears of nuclear war in the late 80s peaked. A genuine fear of the cold war turning into a nuclear war became all-pervading in the media. Fictional depictions of nuclear Armageddon became common place on television and in Hollywood. Children became fearful and were deployed heavily in protests and propaganda. The prospect of nuclear annihilation was the fault of capitalism, the neutron bomb was a particularly “capitalist bomb”. Just as capitalism is blamed for the “climate emergency”. The difference with today is that a third of Conservatives didn’t fall for that hype…

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