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The Reuters Institute has a piece out making supportive noises about the BBC; one bit of the research caught Guido’s eye. The Oxford University academics did a survey which asked respondents to self-identify politically, then rate various news sources as trustworthy. What was most striking was the width of the range of opinion about Channel 4 News’ trustworthiness depending on your political persuasion. Those on the right rated it the least trustworthy and those on the left rated it the most trustworthy. This strongly suggests that there is an objective basis for believing the obvious, it is the most left-biased TV news show in Britain…

The same research suggests that Tories trust ITV news more than even The Telegraph and least trust The Canary and Buzzfeed. Lefties most trust Channel 4 News followed by The Guardian and least trust the Daily Mail and The Sun. This once again demonstrates that readers like their prejudices confirmed (“media homophily”). Proving the truth of the axiom that people like people like themselves…

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