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Aghileh Djafari Marbini is a hotshot candidate for the prize place of being selected for Brent and Harrow, one of Labour’s safest London Assembly seats. The left-winger has been endorsed by Apsana Begum, Tulip Siddiq, Barry Gardiner, and John McDonnell. Her only competition for the selection next week is local councillor Krupesh Hirani. Guido found it interesting that Djafari-Marbini has achieved such high profile endorsements, given that she:

  • Defended David ‘The Jews’ Ward, saying of his suspension that the Lib Dems “cant tolerated [sic] freedom of speech.”
  • Shared Russian propaganda calling Israel a “lunatic state”
  • Celebrated the phrase “Tony Blair can f**k off and die”
  • Shared an article that:
    • Defended the image Naz Shah was suspended over, and admitted was antisemitic
    • Defended Ken Livingstone’s language that merely “maybe wasn’t precise enough”
    • Put the words “‘antisemitism’ accusations” in inverted commas
    • Said Labour’s antisemitism crisis is “transparently a smear campaign” which is “being driven by the Conservatives ahead of the local and Mayoral elections. But they’re also being exploited by the Labour Right to undermine Corbyn’s leadership, and by pro-Israel groups to discredit the Palestine solidarity movement.”

Just another day in the modern Labour Party…

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