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Guido’s article yesterday collating the various speculative mumblings of the reshuffle rumour mill was given more weight than it perhaps deserved, such is the scarcity of hard information. Pretending to know anything for certain based on the mutterings floating around the corridors of the powerless is a mug’s game. MPs were coalescing around the prediction of this Thursday for a reshuffle, other sources are betting on next week. In reality, only three people know, the rest of us are disorientated inside Dom’s ‘OODA loop’.

Nevertheless we bring you more stress inducing or reducing speculation. Fans of the Mogg are sceptical that Boris will dispense with the services of the man who has Erskine May on his bedside table – “round peg, round hole”. Guido feels it only fair to name check others tipped for a promotion; Helen Whately, Rachel Maclean and Bim Afolami. Given Geoffrey Cox is looking at returning to the backbenches to spend more time with his fees, former Solicitor General Lucy Frazer could easily step back up to the plate. Noticeably Penny Mordaunt has been loyally behaving herself – apart from an enjoyably risky amusing speech at the Spectator Awards – has the “Vote Leave” and “Hunt for Leader” campaigner been forgiven? Will Alan Mak finally make it into government?

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