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In a press release that doesn’t mention Huawei once, the Government has announced that the company will be allowed to construct the UK’s 5G network. However, a slew of restrictions will be placed on the company, and any other vendors classed as “high risk”…

  • High risk vendors to be excluded from sensitive ‘core’ parts of 5G and gigabit-capable networks

  • 35 per cent cap on high risk vendor access to non-sensitive parts of the network

  • NCSC issues guidance to operators on implementing decision with legislation introduced at the earliest opportunity

This advice is that high risk vendors should be:

  • Excluded from all safety related and safety critical networks in Critical National Infrastructure

  • Excluded from security critical ‘core’ functions, the sensitive part of the network

  • Excluded from sensitive geographic locations, such as nuclear sites and military bases

  • Limited to a minority presence of no more than 35 per cent in the periphery of the network, known as the access network, which connect devices and equipment to mobile phone masts

The Government went on to say that the 35% cap will be”kept under review” to determine whether it should be further reduced as the market diversifies in the future. Despite all the extra safeguards, this is still a big rebuke to Trump…

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