Cartel Attempts to Enforce Anti-Competitive Rules, Guido Tells Lobby There Will Be No Regulatory Alignment mdi-fullscreen

Guido got a complaint in writing from the Chairman of the Lobby this morning after the briefing from the PM’s spokesman in 9 Downing Street. We live-tweeted comments as they happened, as we have whenever we choose to attend. Lobby hacks still think they are monopoly gatekeepers.

Here’s our reply:

Christopher Hope
Lobby Chairman

Dear Christopher,

Happy new year. Thanks for sending a copy of the Lobby’s rules to Christian, our junior reporter. He tells me he has no recollection of joining your Lobby cartel.

You highlight your cartel’s quaint rules which state: “No information revealed during the Lobby briefings must be put into the public domain – via social media or a third party – until the briefings have concluded.”

Apparently a number of your cartel colleagues have complained about tweets sent from this morning’s 9 Downing Street briefing and published on the Guido Fawkes Twitter feed.

As the Prime Minister’s Spokesman James Slack made clear this morning, those are your rules not Downing Street’s rules. If your cartel wants to enforce anti-competitive rules on its members that is one thing. If you attempt to enforce those rules on us, or restrain us from going about our business in any way, we will not hesitate to seek a remedy under the law.

You say this rule exists so that “no one gets an advantage”. A prominent Brexiteer like yourself should understand the advantages of avoiding regulatory alignment with a sclerotic organisation.

Be in no doubt that, as he has since the beginning of this year, Christian will be live tweeting to our readers from 9 Downing Street tomorrow.

Paul Staines
Editor, Guido Fawkes

No doubt the Lobby hacks will be there tomorrow taking shorthand with their quills, follow Guido for the news straight from Downing Street in realtime, as it happens…

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