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Remember the Brexit Party? Perhaps not, but they were once a political force, winning the 2019 EU elections just four months after they’d be born; yet seven months later they went on to a staggering election showing of no seats. Guido realised no other hacks had mentioned the party since the election, so he thought he’d check in with them…

Guido learns the party isn’t going anywhere for the moment, unlike other Brexit groups like Brexit Central who have announced they’re closing shop at the end of the month. Instead, the remaining staff – slimmed down considerably since the election – have their eye on a new deadline of this December, ensuring they are fully operational and able to “pounce” in case Boris starts drifting towards a softer Brexit.

The big question remains under what guise the party continues – here there are conflicting reports; with one source claiming they are preparing to rebrand and re-launch as the touted ‘Reform Party’ ahead of the local elections in May, whereas another senior source was coy in saying the ‘Reform Party’ has been completely signed off, with other “interesting options being considered”. The source wouldn’t be pressed, however insisted they are – without a sense of irony – looking to Europe for their inspiration…

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