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As sure as the sun rising in the morning, you can be certain the left will eat themselves. Today, Angela Rayner has potentially jeopardised her deputy leadership chances by comparing having a regional accent to being black, in reply to a Labour MP. Did she misunderstand Jess Phillips saying she was from the black country?…

Rayner quickly deleted the Tweet and clarifiedI’ve deleted a reply about mistaken identity as I would in no way compare that to my colleagues who are mistaken due to the colour of their skin.”, doing little to assuage the controversy, with Corbynites saying it was “nowhere close to an apology”; “But that’s exactly what you did do”; “You have finally destroyed any ounce of credibility you had”; “I’m disappointed that you didn’t realise what was wrong with that tweet until people called you out on it.”; and “utterly appalling”. Funnily enough, Eshalomi has not come out in support of Angela’s deputy leadership campaign…

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