Public Mark Corbyn 0/10

Whilst it was obvious what the public rated Jeremy Corbyn on 12th, in light of successive Labour leadership candidates being asked to rank their party leader, YouGov have polled the public to see just how out of touch the prospective LOTOs are. For the first time in her life, Lady Nugee has her finger on the pulse…

To recap, Long-Bailey gave the supreme leader 10/10; Clive Lewis and Rosena Allin-Khan 6/10; Thornberry 0/10.

Astonishingly, all of them are out of touch with the vast majority of Labour voters, with 21% giving their leader zero, and the rest equally split across the rest of the board. Presumably the 1% of Tory voters who gave Corbyn 7/10 are thanking him for their perfect election result…

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