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September proved to be Guido’s most read month ever, including hitting our most read day in the site’s history on the day of our 15th anniversary meal. Poignant…

The record readership came as little surprise, as we came to readers’ aid to explain every twist and turn of Boris’s first month as PM having to deal with meddling MPs. Particularly popular was our explainer on the Lords’ plan to attempt to block remainer legislation.

In the wake of Parliament’s anti-Brexit manoeuvres, Boris received a small boost in the form of a surprise endorsement from Arthur Scargill. Conversely it came as no surprise when Guido uncovered that an anti-Boris heckler in a hospital was in fact a long-time Labour activist and a former staffer of Emily Thornberry.

As ever Guido remained the first to bring you the biggest breaking news, including the shock Supreme Court ruling that Boris’s proroguing of Parliament had been unlawful. This ‘victory’ by Remainers however was counteracted by a number of complete meltdowns, including a Lib Dem candidate who insulted her potential constituents (resulting in her quitting), Lib Dem conference applauding Guy Verhofstadt’s call for the EU to become an empire and Konnie Huq’s viral breakdown.

Remainer’s increasing hysteria however paled in comparison to the confected faux outrage by Labour MPs over Boris’s use of the term ‘surrender bill’, with lefties claiming Boris was using inflammatory language and stoking hate. Naturally Guido was on hand to point out their brazen hypocrisy

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