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With the election ramping up, Guido started becoming very concerned with the state of Corbyn. Not just his politics, doubts about his health started circulating. Guido was the first one to overtly ask what other publications had been hinting at for months: all the signs were there to point to Corbyn having had a stroke.

Not only was one eye becoming increasingly wonky, in spite of new anti-stroke glasses Corbyn was still struggling to read; holding a press conference and brandishing un-redacted leaked trade negotiation minutes, Corbyn claimed he had emphatic proof of Boris’s covert plans to sell the NHS off to Trump. As Guido was the only one to have copies of these supposed minutes, readers rushed to the site to realise Corbyn’s claims bore no reality to the contents of the documents. Guido was happy to provide a comparative analysis

Guido was also keen to pick up any other lies being floated during the election, not least when Corbyn finally admitted the less well off would pay more tax under his plans and – a particular favourite – when a Lib Dem candidate completely made up that she had won a Nobel Peace Prize. 

Just before Parliament dissolved for the election, we also finally got to say good riddance to John Bercow, who – after constantly moaning the Government was stifling Parliament’s ability to debate Brexit – filled up the order paper with hours of saccharine farewell eulogies. The Parliamentary circle jerk was more than mitigated by Lindsay Hoyle promising he will rip up Bercow’s remainer reforms however…

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