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Recess may have been in full swing and Westminster deserted by MPs, but that didn’t stop readers flocking to keep up to date with the most important stories of the day; namely to the stories that a couple chose to film a hard Brexit porno in front of Parliament, and ‘EU supergirl’ Madeleina Kay’s inter-railing holiday was being largely funded by a publicly randy remainer sugar daddyCan’t imagine why these ones were so popular…

While the raunchy political couple may have been breaking public decency laws, John McDonnell’s imprisoning priorities were instead directed to his political opposition, when he boasted Labour would invent a law to put Tories in prison.

MediaGuido also got a strong outing in August, with Guido’s calling out of Sky and BBC bias proving popular. Sky News used a ‘focus group’ which was stuffed full of Remain activists, the BBC finally admitted a “lapse of editorial standards over their absurd EU election graphics, and yet another Sky News correspondant went rogue in proffering they “hate the Tories”. One positive MediaGuido story however was announcing the poaching of our own Hugh Bennett by Jacob Rees-Mogg

The funniest story of the month was undoubtedly Caroline Lucas being ‘cancelled’ for suggesting an all-white ‘government of national unity’ to cancel Brexit. There’s always someone woker than you…

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