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With the Tory leadership contest underway, Guido was delighted to break out his seminal spreadsheet and track who Tory MPs were back for leader, along with all the twists and turns of a race to be PM; with the arguments about Raab’s refusal to rule out proroguing parliament (wonder how that idea would have worked out); Rory’s constant walking and bizarre Marr interview; and the leadership candidacy that never was: Sir Graham Brady. There were also debates which landed the BBC in hot water after Guido discovered their questioner Imam who asked whether “words have consequences” had a history of overtly Antisemitic social media posts. Always happy to help vet guests for them…

Away from the machinations of the Tory party, Parliament continued working to thwart Brexit, with 10 Tory rebels voting to hand power to Jeremy Corbyn (Guido named and shamed them in full). Guido also discovered that in 2003 Corbyn wrote an article saying he supported the policy of disarming during World War 2. Corbyn’s absurd writings weren’t the most offensive thing of the month, however, with Jo Brand musing whether she could throw battery acid over politicians she didn’t like. Farage declared she was inciting “violence and the police need to act”…

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